The Company

We work hard to provide you the best quality family detergent

At Jubprel Industries Nigeria Limited, a registered manufacturing company situated in Delta State and FCT, Abuja, Nigeria – we come to work everyday, looking to create lasting cleaning solutions through our products.

At our core, we operate on individual customer needs, inclusivity and product impact that guarantees a dedicated and forever customer base. Producing and packaging the high quality and affordable detergent powder, Sunsmile, we make cleaning magic and intend to keep doing so for a very long time.

The Challenge
In this era of difficult economic pressures, big business and fixation on maximum profit, it has become increasingly important for detergent manufacturing to veer towards effective and high quality product manufacturing and affordable prices for consumers.

The Solution
Sunsmile Multipurpose Detergent is a high quality detergent powder developed specially to provide the solutions to all cleaning and washing needs. It is powerful enough to wipe out the toughest stains, has a sweet flowery fragrance and is budget friendly.